Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolution ReVOlution!

res·o·lu·tion[rez-uh-loo-shuhn] –noun  a formal expression of opinion or intention made; the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose

rev·o·lu·tion[rev-uh-loo-shuhn] –noun   a sudden, complete or marked change in something; a radical and pervasive change

I'm curious... how many of you make New Years Resolutions and actually succeed in what you have set out to accomplish?  I must confess, I'm not sure I ever have!  I don't even remember what my resolutions were last year.  I'm sure I was excited, determined, and more than likely it had to do with weight loss.  
What's the point in having resolutions if nothing gets resolved???  Of course I did research on the history of New Years Resolutions and, as you may have guessed, it's a pagan thing.  Like most pagan rituals, good and Godly things can come from it if we take it back and use it for the glory of God and that's what I have decided to do. 

REALLY wanting to succeed in this endeavour, I decided I needed a game plan. 
1. PRAY and come up with a list of areas in my life in which I'm truly seeking change.
2. Dig deep within myself and be honest about why I feel the need to change these things.
3. Determine if the goal is realistic (I once had a resolution to lose 25lbs and audition for a major motion picture by June. At the time I was 127lbs and just graduated high school)
4. Research and write down what it will take to reach that goal.
5. Begin the REVOLUTION

Resolution #1
Be a Better Mother
Why:  Although I love my children with every fiber of my being, I feel that I have fallen short in so many areas. I have gotten lackadaisical in my parenting out of pure exhaustion.  Being a working single mom with 4 kids who are active in sports and church activities isn't so easy.  What is easy is letting them get away with not cleaning their room or picking up after themselves, cruising in a fast food drive-thru instead of making a healthy home cooked meal, rushing them into the bath and a two second tuck into bed instead of taking the time to read to them and pray with them before they close their eyes, and most of all its easier to blame all of this on being a single working mom of 4 instead of accepting the strength that God offers and doing the job I've been called to do as a mother regardless of how difficult or tiring it may be.
Realistic: Absolutely!
Plan: 1. Pray for strength.  Write down as many scriptures as I can on strength and God's grace and carry them with me at all times.  This way when I am tempted to slide back into laziness, I can pull out a card and draw strength from God's promises.
2. Plan meals on a weekly bases according to our schedule and use the crock pot A LOT.
3. Follow through with the chore chart.
4. Start having daily devotions and prayer time as a family again.

Resolution #2
Become Healthier
Why: My head automatically says, because your chubby butt needs to lose about 15 pounds! If I let the "why" end there, this would definitely be an unrealistic resolution.  I have fought with body image issues my entire life. I battled with bulimia and anorexia until I became pregnant with my first child.  Even now, I fight with the voices in the back of my mind that tell me I'm not good enough because my body is so very far from perfect. I win that battle every day by telling those voices that I have been created in my Father's image!  However, I'm pretty certain that God isn't packing on an extra 15 pounds of cellulite! If I have been created in the image of God and if my body is supposed to a temple, I may be in danger of a 30 day notice!  The reality is I AM a daughter of the Most High,  I AM a single mom and my babies depend on me, and I AM living an unhealthy lifestyle that will only cause destruction.
Realistic: Absolutely
Plan: 1. Pray every morning for a healthy spirit, healthy mind, and healthy body.  Do NOT focus on weight loss.
2. Cut out my beloved Diet Coke and only treat myself to a white chocolate mocha once a month.
3. Prepare meals at home (which co insides with my Better Mommy plan)
4. Do some form of exercise at least 3 times a week.  Definitely getting back into yoga! My back will be so happy!

Resolution #3
Start Dating Again
Why: As you all know (if you have read my earlier bog entries) I'm not a big fan of the whole dating scene.  Taking a closer look at myself, I've realized that I have over analyzed the whole process.  It just didn't make sense to me to keep putting myself out there and wasting time (and risking my heart) with someone who may not work out anyway.  I would pick these poor guys apart trying to find ways it wouldn't work out between us. Example: He lives too far and probably wouldn't want to move because of ... and I can't uproot my kids so it wouldn't work out. The thought process may be practical but it's left me with a very boring social life.  On the weekends the kids are with their father, I am at home reading, writing, sewing, or watching old black and white movies.  I absolutely LOVE doing these things! However, none of them are "social" activities and none of them really scream adventure. Besides the once-a-month singles event at my bull-riding friend's church, I haven't made an effort to meet new people.  In an attempt to broaden my horizons, I shall take a chance and place my lamp back in the window; not because I think I need a man to complete me but because I finally know that I am already complete and strong enough to take on a little adventure.  And if God decides to introduce me to my future husband, I will be open to His will.
Realistic: Absolutely (says the hopeless romantic in me who longs for adventure) Yes, I believe so (says the realistic scenic who just found another gray hair)
Plan: 1. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and hearts where they belong (in the chest protected by muscle and bone and not on the sleeve).
2. Stop expecting and start enjoying.
3. Stop looking at each man as a potential husband and look at him as a potential good friend.

Resolution #4
Finish my Novel
Why: I am actually working on my second novel which I started over two years ago.  Writing is passion of mine and I believe to be a gift.  There is a longing in my spirit to see it through.
Realistic: Yes. 
Plan: This one is a little more difficult.  Since my writing is inspired and not forced it seems impossible to set aside a block of time on a regular bases to write. 
1. Pray for wisdom, guidance, and inspiration.
2. Set short term goals.  Have at least 5 chapters written every three months. (this may change).
3. Carry a notebook with me to write whenever I feel inspired.

I long to be who God is calling me to be. The problem is, I'm not sure who she is half the time. I get so lost as I try to conquer the world of little league, cheerleading, and tween dating! That's why I chose these particular resolutions from my list of many.  I'm in need of a REVOLUTION! A marked change in my life. 

The lyrics to a song by the Christian band Switchfoot keep ringing in my ears:
Dreaming about Providence
And whether mice or men have second tries
Maybe we've been livin with our eyes half open
Maybe we're bent and broken, broken
We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves?
Somewhere we live inside....
We want more than this world's got to offer
We want more than the wars of our fathers
And everything inside screams for second life, yeah
We were meant to live for so much more

All of my resolutions are a means to reach my main goal which is a better understanding of who God is calling me to be.  There are certain things in my life in which I have felt the Lord's pull and I'm tired of being lost in my own mayhem.  We were all created to be so much more.  Let's BE more!  Let's seek who we are called to be! Make a list of resolutions that will create a revolution in your life and open your heart and your mind to a new understanding of why you were created and what purpose the Creator wants to fulfill in you!

Happy New Year!!!  Be blessed and don't forget to be a blessing! Feel free to share with us your resolutions!

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  1. Did you find your draft?? I do hope so! As for your "revolution", you go,girl! Praying that 2011 is the year of your great adventure.